A Better Selling Experience

Delivering Results and Peace of Mind

The Process:

Step 1

Price Your Home Competitively

Markets change, sometimes aggressively, sometimes slowly. The key is to have the knowledge and skill to be proactive with the current real estate market and price your home accordingly to beat the changes, and sell for the best price at the right time with the least hassle.

Step 2

First Impression Matters

Did you know that most serious buyers unconsciously make the decision whether or not to buy your home seconds after they walk through the door? We will make sure your home is set to impress from the beginning, making buyers more likely to offer top-dollar for that first impression. What an advantage!

Step 3

Market Your Home Like Crazy!

The more eyes set on your home, the better. MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Flyers, Circle Prospecting, Signs, Open Houses, Print Ads, aaaand… our secret weapon. More of that when we meet. Your home will get noticed by the right people at the right time.

Step 4

Negotiations and Guidance

When offers come in, we will make sure you understand them, compare them, and make decisions based on the true meaning of the numbers, dates, title, loans, etc. in order to keep your expectations on par with reality. After that we negotiate accordingly and plan your next moves.

Step 5

Close and Celebrate!

Final push-through and last touches, aaaand… BAM! Your transaction will close, documents will be recorded, and we should have achieved the results you expected from the beginning! Whatever reason you had to sell, we still celebrate the fact that we went through it, and we're grateful to be part of it.

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