Buy the Right Home

Expertly guiding you through the home buying process.

The Process:

Step 1

What You Want vs What You Need

We will determine what your real estate goals are and the reason you are buying a home in order to have a clear direction to take as an agent-client team, which will make all the next steps much simpler and easier!

Step 2

Finding the Right Home and Making an Offer

Ready and armed with knowledge, advise, and a firm loan pre-approval, we will visit the right homes and make the best offers. "An offer you can't refuse?" We can get pretty close!

Step 3

Inspections, Appraisals, and Negotiations

Decisions, decisions… Understanding the fact that your accepted offer is not the end of the journey, we will guide you, coordinate for you and represent you so that we navigate a complex real estate transaction smoothly and make it as simple as possible.

Step 4

Closing, Getting Your Keys, and Moving In!

After that final push to get the transaction closed and your deed recorded, you'll get your keys and start moving in. Pop open that champagne!


Ready to get started?

We'll talk through what you're looking for, then walk you through first steps to make sure you hit the ground running.